Last Year’s Pets and Friends Calendar Contest Winners

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who submitted a photo of their pet for our new 2015 Pets & Friends Calendar.  We had a wonderful voting response on our website, Facebook page and by our Board of Directors and even though we think all our Volunteering Pets are winners, we could only select the top 12 pets with the most votes for each month of next year’s Calendar.  We will be adding a few extra pages to our calendar to add photos of all our “Honorable Mentions” – photos of all pets that were entered in the contest.

The photo that got the most votes this year and will be featured on the cover of our 2015 Calendar was Oliver who is owned by Jennifer Lord.  Congratulations Jennifer and Oliver.

More winners:

  • Roxy, owned by Kerri Andstin
  • Parker, owned by Sheila Ashwell
  • Maggie owned by Chris Buswell
  • Javier & Juanita, owned by Jane Li
  • Charlie,  owned by Brennan Lowrie
  • Weasley, owned by Vicky Robinson
  • George, owned by Devon Thompson
  • Nemo, owned by Betty Dockerill
  • Gertie, owned by Debbie Vanden Dungen
  • Rainy, owned by Sherry Zeeman
  • Jazzy, owned by Jason & Kristina Kirstein

Get your 2015 Pets and Friends Calendar!

These calendars make wonderful gifts and Christmas presents and are a fundraiser for Pets & Friends. Calendars are for sale for $20.00 each (GST included).

If you would like to purchase one of our 2015 Pets & Friends Calendars:

  1. Please send a cheque or money order made payable to:
    Pets and Friends
    60 Semisch Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C V7M 3H8
  2. Along with the check, send the address where you would like the calendars to be mailed.

Thank you to everyone who voted for our wonderful Volunteering Pets – we really appreciate your support