Friendly Felines Lift Spirits & Warm Hearts

It’s #Caturday! What a purr-fect day to celebrate two of our newest Pets and Friends volunteers: Morgan and Karl!

These cuddly kitties will be visiting elders and persons with illnesses, bringing with them the special comforting gift of feline companionship.

Morgan’s first visit is this week and she and her human, Allison Burton, are very much looking forward to it. They will be visiting elders at Cooper Place in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community. Allison just had a feeling that Morgan would make a great visiting cat. It was her “loving and very relaxed personality” and the fact that she “absolutely loves people and cuddling with them” that prompted Allison to check out Pets and Friends and sign Morgan up for our screening process. We are just delighted to have them on board!


Morgan all ready to start visiting in a stylish Pets and Friends bandana!

As a longtime volunteer pet screener with Pets and Friends, Karen Ronka has had the pleasure of seeing many animals go through our screening and orientation process. Most of the pets she has screened are dogs and she acknowledges that it is more common for dogs to enjoy visits than cats. However, when a cat does have a suitable temperament for visiting, it’s magic. “Cat people really have this special connection and it’s lovely to watch”, she says. Karen knew that Karl’s affectionate, calm and social personality would make him a great Pets and Friends volunteer. Karl will begin his visits soon and we have no doubt that he will bring lots of joy and comfort wherever he goes.


Thank-you to Morgan (and Allison) and Karl (and Karen) for volunteering your time to provide the healing comfort of animal companionship to those in need!

Do you have a friendly feline whom you think would enjoy visiting people in care facilities, hospitals and other programs? Contact us for more information on our screening and orientation process.