Thank you for your support!

Whether you’re a new member of Pets and Friends or have been our supporter for many years, thank you for your support in helping us bring the healing comfort and companionship of animals to your community.

As a member, you will find out upcoming activities and witness first-hand the impact our pet therapy teams are making throughout the lower mainland by joining us at community events or learning more about them through our members-only e-newsletter.  You are eligible to vote or run for our board of directors at our annual general meetings in January. If you are volunteering with us as our Pet Therapy Team visiting designated local facilities, your membership fee also covers you and your pet on our insurance policy.

Membership is aligned with the calendar year.  What that means is BC Pets and Friends members renew their membership at the beginning of the following new year.  Please see below our calendar renewal schedule.

Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
First Year Membership Dues $50 for 15-17 month membership $40 for 12-14 month membership
All Subsequent Years (Renewal) $40 for 12 month membership (January-December)

Click the button below to become a BC Pets and Friends member or renew your membership!  After you renew your membership dues, please complete the renewal form that follows so that we can make sure we have your most recent contact information.

What if I renew late?  Will my dues be prorated like they were for first year membership?

No.  It is your responsibility to renew your membership with Pets and Friends so that you may enjoy P&F member benefits and ensure that your insurance coverage is current.  You are encouraged to renew before the New Year begins.  Only Pets and Friends members in good standing benefit from insurance coverage and Pets and Friends member benefits.

What if I join Pets and Friends in September?

If you join Pets and Friends in September or October, you will be both 1) rolled into the next calendar year and 2) receive an extended 15 or 16 month membership at the $50 rate.  This is for your convenience by allowing you to pay one membership due for an extended 15 or 16 months, instead of having to renew your membership after only 4 months (in January).

For example, if you join Pets and Friends in September 2018, you will be considered a paid-up member until December 2019 (16 month membership) – you will be treated as if you joined in January 2018.  When you renew in January 2019, you will be rolled into the regular 12-month cycle at the $40 renewal fee.

If you have any questions about BC Pets and Friends membership, please feel free to contact for more information.