Pets and Friends Volunteer Brings Happiness to Abbotsford Regional Hospital

Pets and Friends volunteer Shelley Horvat and her “awkward-looking… superstar” pug, regulars at  Abbotsford Regional Hospital, were featured in the Abbotsford Community News!

Snapshot of article and link to original below:

Dog brings happiness to Abbotsford Regional Hospital

By Tyler Olsen – Abbotsford News

With an awkward gait, a bunched-up nose, and an overly long tongue that rarely retracts into his mouth, four-year-old Winston isn’t going to ever win any beauty pageants.

But in Abbotsford Regional Hospital’s pediatrics ward, Shelley Horvat’s awkward-looking pug is a superstar.

“He’s famous in here!” a nurse had explained to onlookers as Winston nonchalantly strolled past the reception desk Friday morning.

Soon after, he was perched across the legs of Christina Lawton, a 17-year-old patient with a low platelet count visiting the ward as an outpatient since April.

Winston’s presence was a bonus – a nice way to pass the time as she waited to begin her treatment.

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