The Power of Pets & People

A HUGE THANK-YOU goes out again to all our Volunteering Pet Teams who dedicate at least one hour of their time each week to visit those no longer able to own a pet of their own.

Our Visiting Pet Teams are our heroes and heroines and all the residents that receive your visits thank you so very much for making their days something to look forward to.

Without you, we would not be the success that we are…..

A gentle reminder to all – Once again – summer is here and with the weather being so hot, we would like to remind all pet owners of the dangers of leaving pets in vehicles – even with the windows rolled down a little. Like children, their little bodies heat up so very quickly, and with the inside temperatures of a vehicle some times magnifying by ten times that of the outside temperature, they just can`t get their bodies cooled down. If you see an animal in distress – please get them help… Thank you