And the Winners of our 2016 Calendar Contest are……..

Thank You to all our wonderful Volunteers who submitted a photo of their pet for our 2016 Pets and Friends’ Calendar. We had an excellent voting response and even though we know all our  Volunteering Pets are winners, the top 12 pets with the most votes are:

Tippet owned by Dee and Nori Morita received the most votes and will be featured on the cover of our 2016 calendar . Congratulations to the Morita family !

The next 11 most voted for pets for our 2016 calendar, in no particular order, are:

Maggie       Pet parent – Julie Daigneault

Javier & Juanita   Pet parent – Jane Li

Nacho        Pet parent –  Ashley Mathieson

Gertie        Pet parent  – Deb Vanden Dugen

Colby          Pet parent – Denise McDougal

Nemo         Pet parent – Betty Dockerill

Cody           Pet parent – Janice Lonnqvist

Maple         Pet parent – Cheri Roberts

Ripley        Pet parent – Kirk Williams

Fluffy          Pet parent – Valeria Yang

Oliver         Pet parent – Jennifer Lord

 Congratulations to all 12 of this year’s winners!

The calendars will be available for purchase by the end of October.

  These calendars make wonderful gifts and Christmas presents, and are a fundraiser for Pets & Friends. Their price will be  $20.00 each (taxes and postage included).