Current Wish List

Want to lend a helping paw but not able to volunteer your time or skills? Check out our list of things we could really use, and help make a wish or two come true!

Every item on our Wish List enables us to continue our mission of sharing the healing comfort and companionship of animals through pet therapy visitations. 

  • Two Mac computers to maintain operations for our pet therapy program. (High compatibility with programs currently used by Pets and Friends.)
  • A video of our therapy dogs in action! If you’re able to help film and produce it – you would be a lifesaver!
  • Professional photographs of our pet therapy teams for marketing and advertising.
  • Marketing, graphics and advertising (i.e.: brochures, trading cards, web design, etc.)
  • Sponsors to help expand existing and develop new programs
  • Fuji Instax Cameras and Film
  • Indoor space for pet evaluations and orientation training sessions
  • Printing Services (Flyers, Brochures, Business Cards, Posters, Banner, etc.)
  • Postage stamps (Need Several Rolls)
  • Certificate paper
  • Printer ink for Canon PIXMA MG2929 (black and colour combo)
  • Printer ink for Canon PIXMA MX722 (black and colour combo)
  • Avery Inkjet 2×3.5 Inch White Matte Business Cards 250 Count (8371)
  • Hand Sanitizer (Microsan Foaming Hand Sanitizer)
  • Lint Rollers (With Disposal, Individual Sheets)
  • Envelopes (White Security Self Seal No. 10 – 4-1/8″ x 9-1/2″)
  • Gift cards to Staples or for Pets and Friends to pick out supplies
  • Monetary donations that will help cover costs to recruit and prepare additional pet therapy teams to volunteer in underserved areas across the lower mainland

If you have questions or would like to arrange to meet with Pets and Friends to drop off items, please email us at

(Updated 05 Nov 2018)