To better serve our community and partners, Pets and Friends is excited to announce the launch of our redesigned and refreshed website. We’ve been working closely with our designer friends to bring a dose of love and a feeling of paws-itivity to our site. We wanted to highlight the healing power of pet therapy and animal companionship, and focus on how you can continue supporting us to achieve our mission. 

Pets and Friends is a nonprofit that is founded on the knowledge that pet therapy has a profoundly positive impact on the well-being of humans. Our volunteer pet therapy teams have been sharing the love with their communities since 1982. Since our founding, our teams have visited thousands of people who needed a furry pick-me-up, in hospitals, care facilities and universities. The work of our volunteers has been proven to help lower blood pressure, reduce stress and anxiety, and ease feelings of loneliness and depression. There is nothing more heartwarming than to see the smile on the face of those who need a dose of furry happiness! Our volunteers find themselves filled with joy by sharing the love of their pet with others. 

Our new website is filled with the joy found in pet therapy, capturing the touching moments between our volunteers and our partners. We want to give you a warm welcome to our newly refreshed website – we hope you stay awhile. Check out the latest Pet Therapy Team news and virtual events,  learn how you can become a volunteer or donate to help spread love and joy through pet therapy.